Worship space – 434 North Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA, at the Baptist Church

email: Info@holytrinitymarlborough.org

Phone: Holy Trinity Marlborough, (508) 481 8493

During Father Michael’s Sabbatical in January, please use the following contacts:

In the Event of a Pastoral Emergency call:

Deacon Andrew Carlson                      508-762-6736 (c) or 508-329-2003 (h)

For non-pastoral issues in the church, please contact:

John Bowers                   850-345-3226 (c)

Contacting the Rector:

Father Michael has one day off per week.  It will no longer always be on a Monday.

He will be taking the following days off in the coming weeks:

(Please no e-mails or calls on days off, except for emergencies)

In the event of an emergency, please call Fr. Michael anytime day or night

Cell Phone:  1-508-330-2179 (this is the best way to reach Father Michael)

Church Phone:  1-508-481-8493 (leave message, checked daily except days off)

E-mail:  john3v17@verizon.net

If you would like someone to be on our prayer list for the sick and shut-in, please let us know. Each month, the list is ‘reset’, so for continuing coverage, please advise us each month.

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